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Artist Statement

Seeing different things and seeing things differently
, my imagination takes form through freestanding sculptures, wall sculptures, and paintings. The common thread through all my work is my preference for reusing  salvaged or otherwise discarded materials.

My most recent work focuses on the human figure and its connection to this planet and all beings that inhabit it.  My life-size figures feature leather that I prepared and repurposed from goods produced on five continents from the skins of a variety of animals. Other recycled materials in my work include wood, metal, ceramic, paper, plastic, clay, fiber, and so on.  Environmental sensibilities influence my constructive processes as well as my choice of materials. 

Just as nature inspires my work, I hope my work in some way serves nature by suggesting creative and conservational solutions to consumer practices. I carry this theme into my art workshops with children and adults and into my writings. Appearing in galleries, museums, public spaces, trade shows, corporate collections, and government offices, my work has been exhibited extensively in California and also in New York City.

Pictured in Montage (left to right): Nexus, detail; Icarus, Heartwebs, Joie de Vivre, Mëlange, detail
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